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Joanna, I told you this on Facebook but just in case you check this first or whatever my computer's not working properly and so I will be gone for a while...Perhaps a long while....So yeah...Hope somehow, though, we can get this problem fixed soon...

Posted by Lifrasthir on Apr 16, 08 1:41 pm

Lol. So awesome. xD Heheh, thanks! :D Lol. Yes I am getting to bed on time..Well besides last night but I had an excuse. *rolls eyes* Lol.

- Lifrasthir

Posted by Lifrasthir on Feb 18, 08 7:26 pm

Ha ha! Thanks! I like yours too. :-) And yes, I sort of figured it was gone now. Well, you will get to bed on time now, at least. :-D


Posted by Tasare on Feb 15, 08 9:12 pm

Jo-Jo-Joanna! :D Lol. I'ma definately likin' the new avatar! It's awesome! ^^ And to let you know (in case you didn't notice :P), the computer's left my room. :(

Posted by Lifrasthir on Feb 15, 08 9:06 pm

Heheh, thank you very much Miss Tasare. :-) I'm so glad that your stuff is getting very popular and I hope to see more things from you as well.

- Lifrasthir

Posted by Lifrasthir on Jan 28, 08 5:37 pm

Hello Xiang! I'm so glad you decided to join. I'm lookin' forward to seeing some awsome submissions from you soon! :-D


Posted by Tasare on Jan 28, 08 5:33 pm
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